Are Any of These Too Close to Home?

  • Your Business is a Roller Coaster

  • Your Battery is Drained

  • You Struggle with Money

  • You Lack Direction

  • You Have No Balance in Life

  • You Are About to Explode

What Some of Our Tactical Agents Think

Trust the Process!

by Joy Kohegyi

I followed the Tactical Agent Academy process, and I was able to relate to everything they were teaching, as it was similar to being on FTO. Any question I had, they were there to guide me through it. The Tactical approach absolutely 100% works. When you find your WHY, are able to relate to people, and connect with them on a personal basis, incredible things start to happen. Trust the process, because it works!

The C.I.A.

The CIA is our basic philosophy boiled down in an easy to digest strategy that, when properly applied, virtually guarantees long term success in real estate.

  • Connect with people, get to know them, and allow them to know you.

  • Invest in the relationship, nurture it, and genuinely bring value to the other party so that they like and trust you.

  • Ask for business in a way that doesn't leave your relationship feeling transactional and all about money.


  • What is the difference in a Traditional Agent and a Tactical One?

    A "traditional" agent is what you see in your mind when you think of a real estate agent. It is the stereotypical agent that cares only about the next commission, their twenty-year-old headshot, and the BMW they insist is necessary for business. A Tactical Agent is one who employs strategic thinking that sets him or her apart from the pack. This type of agent believes that they aren't a salesperson, and are instead a consultant who knows that if you focus on helping people, money and success will take care of itself.

  • Will I have to Cold Call?

    No. While we believe there are several ways to skin a cat, the method we developed involves Connecting with people on a personal level, Investing in them, and Asking them for business. We teach you a sustainable, repeat/referral-based business that ensures you work only with people you know, like, and trust.

  • I'm not ready to buy the program, but what is one thing I can do to improve my business?

    The C.I.A. The CIA is a strategy we believe in where you connect with people, whether that means meeting new people or reconnecting with people who you have let slip out of your sphere of influence, invest in them by bringing value to their lives, and asking them for business, but only after you have demonstrated that they are more than a paycheck to you. Do that and you will be successful.

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Our simple, proven system will show you the way to take your real estate career to the next level. As long as you follow the process and do the work, you will be successful.

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